Return & Refund Policy

The anpkick basic conditions for applying for return and exchange:
The exchange can only be exchanged for products of the same style or the same amount at the same price;
If you confirm that the product has quality problems when receiving the goods, please contact customer service, inform the specific situation of the quality problems of the goods, the number of products, and take photos to provide relevant evidence to the customer service;
Due to the buyer’s own reasons (such as inappropriate size or dislike, etc.), under the condition that the product is brand new and does not affect the second sale of the product, the delivery date shall prevail (the last order delivery time for split Quasi), within 15 days;
If skin care products need to be returned or exchanged, please ensure that the outer packaging is complete and the packaging has not been opened, which will not affect the secondary sales;
Ensure that the accessories, gifts, etc. of the returned/exchanged product are complete; the invoices or sales details that have been issued are complete;
Conditions that do not allow return or exchange:
Underpants, plastic pants, silicone, hosiery, and leggings are personal hygiene products, and cannot be returned/exchanged if they are not due to quality issues;
Commodities that affect secondary sales such as wearing, washing, or man-made defacement or damage;
The processed goods have been modified;
The gifts, hang tags, accessories, packaging are damaged or lost;
Commodities or gifts exchanged for points, vouchers, etc., are not subject to product quality issues and will not be returned;
The non-refundable and non-exchangeable goods are marked in the spike, promotion and other activities, and the current activity description shall prevail;
If the invoice or sales statement that has been issued is lost, it will not be returned;
The quality of real silk products has been strictly inspected before delivery. Such products are easily damaged. Therefore, if you order such products, please be sure to inspect them when receiving the products. If there is any problem with the quality of the products, please contact online customer service immediately;
Non-Aimee regular products, no purchase records, and a large number of products that have been returned maliciously;
Commodities that are more than 15 days from the date of shipment (disassembly of the order is subject to the delivery time of the last order);

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